This 6-foot-4 blogging legend says ...

Mr. Rewrite is excited that student journalists from his place of employment are covering the Summer Olympics in London. That has him thinking about AP style for various Olympic events.

First, the AP Stylebook notes that it's decathlon rather than decathalon. AP is kind enough not to point it out, but Mr. Rewrite will note that many articles are already making this mistake (example: this PR piece touting Stanford University's Olympic athletes).

As the Dream Team and its equivalent in the women's ranks go for the gold, note that according to AP style Carmelo Anthony shouldn't take so many jump shots (two words) as a frontcourt (one word) player.

Per AP, boxers knock out (v.) their opponents but score knockouts (n.) and land knockout (adj.) blows. Masked people in those strange white outfits wield sabers, not sabres. Athletes and teams win tie breakers (two words). Serena Williams and badminton players (giggle) swing rackets, not racquets.

That's all for now from this 6-foot-4 (AP style) blogging legend.

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