No such thing as a 'pre-game' ceremony to AP

Mr. Rewrite is getting into his summer editing gigs. Those summer editing gigs lead to lots of interesting AP style discoveries. And those, along with not wanting to work in the yard or prepare for the fall semester, renew his interest in blogging.

So enjoy it while it lasts, Community of Concern. Mr. Rewrite is blogging again. He usually flames out after several months.

Today's discovery: The AP Stylebook calls for pregame rather than pre-game. It's the same story with postgame. You'll find it in entries on postgame, pregame and pre-.

Pregame is consistent with AP's rules for prefixes in general: Go with a hyphen only when the last vowel of the prefix is the same as the first of what comes after (e.g. pre-election).

What's funny about this discovery is AP's sports folks don't seem to follow the stylebook well on this point. Follow this link to many, many uses of pre-game in AP stories.

The moral: Do as AP says, not as AP does.

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