Mr. Rewrite puts 'crosshairs' in his cross hairs

Is there any news story these days that doesn't have the word crosshairs in the headline? Some examples:

  • Politico: Outsourcing in Senate's crosshairs
  • CNN: US Midwest in crosshairs of child sex trafficking fight
  • National Journal: Obama puts 'Romneycare' in crosshairs
  • Fortune: Why the FTC has hackers' victims in its crosshairs
  • CBS News: Public sector unions in crosshairs after the Wisconsin recall election
Besides being overused by a factor of 10 trillion, crosshairs violates AP style if one is bound by it.

The AP Stylebook doesn't have an entry, but Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, where AP turns on matters not covered in its stylebook, goes with cross hairs.

That's enough for Mr. Rewrite to put crosshairs in his cross hairs.

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