The week's tweets: 'mobil' services?

While he's having this burst of blogging energy, Mr. Rewrite will resume summing up tweets from the past week ...

In the photo above, this mobile glass-replacement firm apparently has mistaken itself for a service station.

Mr. Rewrite was proud of his contributions to Mashable's request for #canceledwebshows, suggestions of TV program names tweaked to have Web/social media themes:
  • "BFFy the Vampire Slayer"
  • "Rowan & Martin’s LinkedIn"
  • "The Odd Coupler"
  • "TAG" (spinoff of "JAG")"
  • "My Cousin URL"
  • "The Dick Van Like Show"
  • "Hawaii Five-2.0"
  • "Doogie Browser, M.D."
A few tweets illustrated how spelling counts:
  • This proper noun inconsistency turned Mr. Rewrite away from buying a pack of Myntz (not Mynts): pic.twitter.com/BNFqhvkM
  • A report says Nigerian scammers deliberately make spelling and grammar errors to weed out intelligent people: http://shar.es/tGizy
  • A misspelled name in a background check clears the way for felon to work with seniors: http://tinyurl.com/7f5rwkn
From the irony-in-education file:
And the potpourri file:
  • A Minnesota Twins pitcher (Manship, not Mansihp) falls victim to spelling error on his jersey: http://bit.ly/LLSRMl 
  • A cycling time trail at the London Olympics? That's what the tickets say: http://soc.li/6FS3V5E  
  • If ‪a spelling error by Google leaves a village off the map, does said village still exist? http://t.co/IiDULSxl

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