Mr. Rewrite's marketing aim: word-of-mouth

Mr. Rewrite is almost always glad he followed that little voice that says, "Shouldn't you look that up in the AP Stylebook, cowboy?" Well, that voice doesn't actually refer to Mr. Rewrite as "cowboy," but the story's so much more interesting that way, isn't it? In reality, it is a cacophony of voices screaming something akin to, "If you don't look that up you are going to pay dearly."

Anyway, Mr. Rewrite learned the other day that AP goes with word-of-mouth hyphenated as an adjective or noun. That sure makes things easier.

Mr. Rewrite's marketing strategy has long been word-of-mouth advertising. Maybe that's why he can still count his Facebook fans on 18.5 hands.

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Anonymous said...

Don't forget your lurkers, Mr. Rewrite! We don't use Facebook.