Mr. Rewrite is proud to premiere this post

Mr. Rewrite took Rewrite Jr. to a G-rated movie only to have his son's impressionable mind warped by this pre-show advertisement.

(Truth be told, Rewrite Jr. is on his way to mastering the text of "Hop on Pop," so any damage surely was minor. But regardless, it sure made the $5 Diet Sierra Mist less enjoyable for Mr. Rewrite.)

The error? If this business is touting its place as the best driving school in the Valley, it should have written premier.

Paul Brians' Common Errors in English Usage has this to say about premier/premiere. Premiere is a noun applying to the opening night of a film or play. Some bureaucrats and bureaucratese-loving journalists want to make premiere a verb -- the governor premiered her new health plan -- but Brians and Mr. Rewrite, among others, frown on that.

Premier is the only form that's going to appear as an adjective (see below for an example). That's the easiest way to keep this straight. Also, premier as a noun applies to certain heads of state.

Mr. Rewrite figures this makes his the premier language blog around. Wait a minute. That's -- sigh -- Grammar Girl.

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