Let the record show Mr. Rewrite's ruling

Mr. Rewrite was stunned by how difficult it was to get an answer when a editing gig had him facing this word in this format:


There's no AP Stylebook entry on the subject, so Mr. Rewrite headed dutifully to his Webster's New World College Dictionary. No entry there either. Drat. That points to record-keeping being correct, however.

He looked for trends on Google News and found more references to record-keeping than recordkeeping. So there's a clue. But even the exquisitely edited New York Times isn't consistent, though most of its references are to record-keeping.

In desperation, Mr. Rewrite searched his online AP Stylebook. Sure enough, the search box turned up one reference to record-keeping under the entry on hurricane categories. AP articles indexed by Google News didn't show any uses of recordkeeping, though there were some erroneous uses of record keeping.

Anyway, that's good enough for Mr. Rewrite. Let's all go with record-keeping and get back to tending to our fantasy football teams -- er, our jobs.

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