We'll all profit from this change

Mr. Rewrite was getting ready to beat up The Associated Press for not having a stylebook entry listing its preference for nonprofit when his iPhone stylebook app coughed up -- drumroll please -- a nifty new entry listing AP's preference for nonprofit.

Until now folks have had to wade into the somewhat gray area of the AP Stylebook's non- entry, which generally recommends no hyphens unless the non- connects with a proper noun or creates an awkward combination such as non-nuclear. Mr. Rewrite settled the nonprofit issue long ago when a search of his online stylebook turned up uses of nonprofit in other stylebook entries. But many news organizations have used non-profit, even though the Webster's New World College Dictionary goes with nonprofit.

Anyway, let's all pop the virtual champagne corks, toast the world's oldest and largest newsgathering organization and follow the new stylebook entry on nonprofit.

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