The tweets: Never spent time in Berkley, Calif.

Let's get back to summing up some of Mr. Rewrite's recent contributions to Twitter (via @irewrite) ...

One of Mr. Rewrite's favorite former places of residence was the East Bay. From his rental in Oakland, he'd make frequent forays into Berkeley. So he was interested to see this Patch.com article discussing frequent misspellings of that city's name (e.g. Berkley, Berkly, etc.), including many botched references on the city's own website. An advanced Google search turned up the promised errors in official postings, including the one above.

Misspelled road signs made headlines:

-- Road workers across the pond created a furor by misspelling "clear" on a road marking.

-- From the Great White North comes this story of revulsion at a sign pointing to an "exibition."

-- A Georgia city had to replace street signs misspelling the name of World War II veteran. http://tinyurl.com/3uuhobq

-- A misspelled road sign near Hemet, Calif., prompted complaints.

And finally, editors of the AP Stylebook have made available a reference guide to help news outlets with coverage of the 10th anniversary of 9-11.

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