Treasurys or Treasuries? AP Stylebook has both

Mr. Rewrite is going to break a little news today. It's probably only of interest to Mr. Rewrite, but it's news nonetheless. As he researched a term at the center of the nation's economic troubles, he found that the AP Stylebook gives contradictory directions on Treasurys vs. Treasuries as the informal plural of Treasury bill, Treasury note or Treasury bond.

Here's the first place he looked when he saw inconsistent use by AP, which has some articles referring to Treasuries but many more referring to Treasurys:

Besides the fact that Treasurys looks weird, Mr. Rewrite suspects the problem could stem from the entry above contradicting this information elsewhere in the AP Stylebook:

So Treasurys it is ... as long as you look at the correct AP Stylebook entry.

This could be Mr. Rewrite's greatest catch ever. He's alerted @apstylebook via Twitter. We'll see what, if anything, folks AP do about it.


FOLLOWING UP: AP graciously acknowledged the error and corrected the entry. Mr. Rewrite beats his virtual chest in this post.

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Karen Conlin said...

Just this morning I saw a Market Watch (WSJ) headline with the word "Treasurys" and nearly blew a gasket. My own searching for The Truth led me here to your blog. I thank you from the bottom of my grammarian heart for this answer. I feel vindicated.

Karen Conlin