Next from Old Navy: 'BARE Down, Arizona' shirt

Time to cheap out another post from Mr. Rewrite's latest tweets, which are available at @irewrite.

Mr. Rewrite was pleased to see so much attention paid to a big-time grammar gaffe -- "LETS GO!" -- in Old Navy's line of college-themed attire. Stop the commercial above 26 seconds in to see examples. The image at right shows Old Navy cheapening the value of Mr. Rewrite's degree from the University of Arizona. He's left wondering whether the back says "BARE down, Arizona!"

Why would a company spend so much dough on a product line plus promotion and not have someone proofread the messages? Hey rama!

In case you missed the coverage, here's the story on Yahoo! Thanks to @tessamuggeridge and @jm_ingram for pointing this out.


In light of events in Libya, Mr. Rewrite took a moment to note that AP style is Gadhafi rather than Gaddafi, Quaddafi or Kadafi.


Thanks, @jm_ingram, for sharing this classic "Friends" scene when Mr. Rewrite was hammering on proper use of quotation marks.


Thanks, Becky in Texas, for sharing this article with an irresistible headline: Buzzwords: impactful dialoguing for those who have issues with speaking English. It's about a fellow who explores why buzzwords are screwing up our language. Mr. Rewrite hasn't had the bandwidth to read it yet, but he'll circle back soon. Please ping if he forgets, Becky.


Across the pond, a huge sign welcoming students misspelled a school's name, and an embarrassed administrator is left to explain. http://tinyurl.com/3dade95


A CareerBuilder exec notes that many HR managers toss resumes with spelling and grammar errors and missing words. http://bit.ly/pVAU6c

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