Mr. Rewrite's never cut off from his stylebook

Rewrite Jr. can handle watching only so many throws to the cutoff (adj.) man, and Mr. Rewrite can guzzle only so many Miller Genuine Drafts before the beer-sales cutoff (n.). So he welcomed the opportunity to let his son blow off steam in Chase Field's play area.

The break proved even more beneficial when Mr. Rewrite came away with fodder for a post.

This sign should say that play area access will be cut off, not cutoff.

The AP Stylebook calls for cutoff as the adjective and noun but for cut off as the verb. It doesn't address the adverb form (feeling cut off, or apart, from something), but trust Mr. Rewrite that that's two words as well.

With the AP Stylebook app for his iPhone, Mr. Rewrite's never cut off from this essential reference.

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