Mr. Rewrite twitters as he tweets tweets

Mr. Rewrite heard via Yahoo! Sports that a Green Bay Packers player missed out on meeting President Barack Obama with the rest of the team because he forgot his ID. And that he Tweeted about it.

The AP Stylebook offers guidance on Twitter, the source of so many misspelled and mangled thoughts shared in 140 characters or less. The verb, it says, is tweet in present tense, tweeted in past tense. A message on Twitter, per AP, is a tweet.

That's good enough for Mr. Rewrite. He will tweet his tweets accordingly.

For the young folks out there, Mr. Rewrite feels obligated to point out that the word twitter was around long before the social media platform. It means, among other things, to utter chirps, to make rapid noises akin to chirping or to tremble.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following is a joke recycled from a 2009 post.

Mr. Rewrite is all over this Twitter thing. The problem is the 140-character limit cuts you

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