Mr. Rewrite doesn't aspire to be a Hall-of-Famer

Someday, after he wins the Powerball (over $200 million this week, by the way), Mr. Rewrite intends to establish a Usage/Style Hall of Fame. Maybe he'll have to engage a corporate sponsor. How does The Depend Brand Usage/Style Hall of Fame sound, Kimberly-Clark???

When he succeeds, Mr. Rewrite will make sure he's among the first class of Hall of Famers.

Those bound by AP style should ignore the example above (Yahoo!) and, after finding no stylebook entry, head to the Webster's New World College Dictionary. It calls for Hall of Famer. Per Google News, major news outlets seem consistent in following this style.

This screen grab is from the New World's cool new iPhone app -- well worth the $16 or whatever it cost Mr. Rewrite.

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