Michele Bachmann bests Barack Obama

As longtime readers know (thanks, Mom, Dad and Mrs. Rewrite), Mr. Rewrite takes no stand that doesn't involve proper spelling, grammar and usage. But he must admit that he's excited about Michele Bachmann's candidacy.

That's because her first and last names are proving extremely difficult for those paid to know better. It's been a long time since Mr. Rewrite identified a name that could bump President Barack Obama as Mr. Rewrite's Most Misspelled Name in the News.

Bachmann is the clear leader coming out of the Iowa straw poll, with hundreds and hundreds of misspellings of her name fouling articles indexed by Google News: Michelle, Bachman, Michele Bachman (2,068 in all as of Monday morning).

Barack Obama is still no slouch. There are hundreds and hundreds of misspellings of his name as well (Barak, 1,300 in all as of Monday morning), just not as many as Bachmann's.

In the interest of transparency, Mr. Rewrite must admit that he decided to do this post and write that headline because he knew the topic would appeal to search engines. Here's hoping those with an interest in politics also have an interest in proper nouns.

And in the interest of fairness, Mr. Rewrite must note that many of the indexed misspellings are in reader comments. However, most of them are in articles and headlines. The examples below are from a few seconds of scanning mainstream news organizations:


Anonymous said...

There is one misspelling of the president's name that you did not mention. I remember seeing this misspelling as I signed in to the Democratic caucus on election night: Barack O'bama. I didn't realize his ancestry included Irishmen.

--Becky from Texas

Mr. Rewrite said...

Love it. Here's a song along those lines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUCSAdx-2bM&