Call 911: Mr. Rewrite is overdosing on hubris

This is like winning a gold medal in the Nerd Olympics. Mr. Rewrite's tweet calling attention to an error in the AP Stylebook (treasurys vs. treasuries) prompted a correction by the world's oldest and largest newsgathering organization. Here's his post on the issue.

AP's gracious tweet back is above. Mr. Rewrite appreciates the offer of a finder's fee, but he turned it down. The online stylebook is the best buy he makes each year. This Twitter feedback from Michelle was reward enough: "This is so impressive on such a fantastically nerdy level."

Impressive on such a fantastically nerdy level. Hmm. That could be the title of Mr. Rewrite's autobiography.

Now, Mr. Rewrite isn't one to over-promote or dwell on his accomplishments. He'll just sign off by reminding you, gentle reader, that he prompted a correction to the AP Stylebook, the bible of the news industry, a resource used by editors everywhere, the last line of defense against usage inconsistencies in articles read by millions upon millions, and he'll sing along with Freddie Mercury ...

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