Please, please be careful around lightning

Mr. Rewrite sure is proud of the lightning shot above. When this storm blew in, he ran out in his PJs, leaned on the trash barrel and tried out an iPhone app offering a slow shutter -- at least until he realized that his attire was shocking motorists. Now let's cease beating the virtual chest and launch into today's harangue.

Mr. Rewrite is a big Sam Donaldson fan, and he occasionally channels the legendary ABC correspondent when an interview calls for an in-your-face question. An example:

"Person X, some have called you the world's most offensive politician. There have been reports of elderly constituents losing consciousness from your body odor. Your own mother obviously can't stand being around you. My cat threw up when your ugly face came on the TV the other night. In light of this, what is your plan for managing the federal debt limit?

Anyway, Mr. Rewrite's interests above, along with his burning hatred of usage errors, converged in this Washington Post blog item about a fire on Mr. Donaldson's New Mexico ranch (you'll probably have to click on it to make out the error):

Spell check won't save you on lightning vs. lightening, as something can have the effect of lightening one's mood, for example. As these Google News links show, many of those paid to know better need to be more careful around lightning.

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