The great Oz has spoken -- inconsistently

Yesterday ...

Today ...

This is baffling. Yesterday, as he sought to resolve the usage mystery of slide show vs. slideshow, Mr. Rewrite pointed to definitive statements from AP Stylebook editors saying the world's oldest and largest news organization goes with slide show, two words. See these above.

Today, however, AP tweeted in response to Mr. Rewrite's query -- and with considerable authority -- that it goes with slideshow (frame grab above). Granted, 140 characters is more than a little limiting, but one would think AP could acknowledge that this is a departure from its past direction -- and from The New York Times, for that matter. Mr. Rewrite took pains to note AP's clearly stated position, after all.

This news should be a relief to a few people out there -- each with more new media savvy in the knuckle of his big toe than Mr. Rewrite has in his virtual body -- who lamented Mr. Rewrite's recommendation of the not-so-hip slide show.

Again, all Mr. Rewrite wants is direction from the AP Stylebook, and this suffices. But he strongly recommends that AP add a stylebook entry. With the Webster's New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition, offering no guidance and with media usage all over the place, it would be a service to the industry. It also would be a service to AP, which these links show is more than a little inconsistent on this point: slideshow vs. slide show.

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