Email any suggestions from your smartphone

Oh, the irony. Finalizing a presentation for a copy editors group, Mr. Rewrite consulted the Associated Press Stylebook to determine whether it's smart phone or smartphone. According to the world's oldest and largest news organization, it was smart phone.

By the time he made the presentation, however, Mr. Rewrite was incorrect.

As of Friday, AP style switched to smartphone and cellphone. Adding to the irony, AP editors announced the changes at the same conference Mr. Rewrite addressed – and during a concurrent session.

Much more importantly, AP style is now email instead of e-mail. This follows last year's switch from Web site to website.

Mr. Rewrite has no complaints about any of these changes. Just tell him what the style is and he'll follow. In fact, he's quite happy with the change to email. The rest of the world had long since moved forward on that style point.

AP should next look at under way. Mr. Rewrite is all for fighting the good fight, but it's time to concede that underway has become generally accepted.

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Barbara said...

Although the New Chicago (16th ed) has also made Web site website, it still wants that hyphen in e-mail. For now. The way things are going, the new Chicago 17 may come out sooner than expected! I wonder how many of these changes stem only from convenience, without taking logic or meaning into account.