Creating posts just became much, much easier

In light of The Washington Post's plagiarism scandal, Mr. Rewrite needs to note that he's on deadline, under constant pressure to feed his website and social media presence and dealing with a busted water heater. With that as context, here's today's post ...

Mr. Rewrite doesn't know what you expect to find out there, gentle reader. You know what you want better than Mr. Rewrite. 

But there's one thing Mr. Rewrite does know. He knows he can stand here watching you destroy everything he's ever wanted in his life, wanting to smash your face with his fists, because you won't make even the slightest effort to offer happiness and still know that Mr. Rewrite loves you. 

You mean so much to Mr. Rewrite that he's willing to take all your abuse and insults and insensitivity. 'Cause that's what you need to do to prove he's not going to leave you. 

Mr. Rewrite is sick and tired of running from places and people and relationships. You want Mr. Rewrite, then fight for Mr. Rewrite, because he's sure as heck fighting for you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Rewrite,

I know you're very busy, but when you get a chance, do you think you could explain the ever tricky compound modifier and it's usage in more complicated sentence construction? For example, soul-sucking jewelry sales job and paper-bag puppet theater? Also, are there rules for pre-, post-, re- and ex-?

Thanks! Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Or, for example "tender aged steak," would it be "tender,aged steak?" or "tender-aged steak"? And why?