Excuses, excuses ...

Excuse time ...

Mr. Rewrite's day job has been all-consuming of late. Blogger doesn't work nearly as well as he'd hoped on the iPad. Blah, blah, blah – world's smallest violin, etc., etc.

Because he thought he was just howling into the digital void, he didn't feel too much remorse about falling silent for this long spell. But boy was Mr. Rewrite's virtual face #CC0000 when he learned that a couple of people seemed to miss his rants, including someone who kindly shared a picture of a botched sign.

So now, if only for today, Mr. Rewrite is going to post something. And as a thank you to those two people who seemed to miss him, he offers the video above of a kid eating a chocolate-covered scorpion.

And thanks to Matthew for sharing the following botched sign. Good to know that taxpayers picked up the cost:

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