The week's tweets: I should have buttoned my mouth

Mr. Rewrite doesn't usually show off his six-pack, but there was no other way to illustrate this post.

Now let's return to reality.

To his shame, Mr. Rewrite had to issue a correction this week when he erroneously tweeted that The Associated Press goes with belly button rather than the correct bellybutton. His lame excuse: researching and tweeting sans glasses.

The stylebook doesn't have an entry on bellybutton, though it uses that format in its entry on naval/navel. The Webster's New World Dictionary, which AP follows on matters not covered by its stylebook, lists bellybutton first.

Let's sum up the week in tweets:

A principal in Kentucky received a written reprimand for poor grammar and spelling in letter posted to her school's website. A lowlight: "My dream for the partenst is to lead your child in the right direction regardless of the cost." http://tinyurl.com/25lvkwn

Proving that there are no small proper noun errors, NOTCOT.com reports, with photos, that microscopic security language on the Border Crossing Card misspells the name of John Quincy Adams (Adames) in a list of former presidents. http://tinyurl.com/3xzpewa

It warms Mr. Rewrite's heart to see misspellings in a statement of candidacy become an issue in the race for a seat on the MiraCosta (Calif.) College Board of Trustees. A candidate, Donald "Don" McKinney, is taking heat over errors including "Miracosta" instead of MiraCosta and "collage" instead of "college." Saying he accidentally submitted a draft to the San Diego County Registrar of Voters, McKinney is asking a court to allow him to submit a corrected statement. http://tinyurl.com/28eke66

Yikes! Don't miss this hilarious and PG-13 typo from CNN, via Gawker.com: http://bit.ly/c6LJLi

A newspaper offers laudable transparency, while eating a healthy serving of crow, after being called out for misspelling "misspell" as "mispell" twice in, of all things, a spelling bee story. http://bit.ly/94u23M

Mr. Rewrite posted this TwitPic illustrating that it's WikiLeaks, not Wikileaks.

In news of misspelled signs:

  • A TV anchor from Colorado spotted this misspelled sign in LaGuardia Airport's baggage (not "baggagge," as the sign says) claim area.
  • Old news, but funny. Here's a road sign aiming to offer a Welsh translation but instead carrying a translator's e-mail away message. http://tinyurl.com/5e37xw
  • Eagle-eyed Brits cry foul over a misspelled road sign ("ancher" instead of "anchor"). http://bit.ly/9UCuX6
  • A misspelled streetcar shelter sign – "Gunn Road" rather than the correct Gunns Road – makes news in the great white north. http://bit.ly/bExUiD

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