Guess this 'Buffet' offers extremely rich food

To Mrs. Rewrite's chagrin, Mr. Rewrite likes nothing better than taking the wife and Rewrite Jr. to a buffet. Caesar salad just isn't the same unless it's been sneezed on a few hundred times, and cantaloupe is so much better after it's picked up a hint of Ben Gay.

Anyway, the point of this brief post is noting Mr. Rewrite's displeasure at seeing so many articles misspelling the last name of gazillionaire Warren Buffett. Google News has almost as many articles (hundreds of them) botching the Oracle of Omaha's last name as Buffet as it does articles misspelling the president's first name as Barak.

So please refer to the graphic above next time you face this proper noun. Buffet = vegetable soup boiled down to a solid. Buffett = lighting your real Cuban cigars with extra Ben Franklins.

Google News also isn't kind to singer Jimmy Buffett (not Buffet), but Jimmy doesn't get the same press these days as Warren. Maybe that says something about our society.

Hmmm. Mr. Rewrite suddenly has a hankering for applesauce topped with cinnamon or – well, who knows what's on it.

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