The news media's crime against Lindsay Lohan

Hoping that someone will read his blog someday, the new Mr. Rewrite has been studying search engine optimization. Near as he can tell, it means that a site will get all kinds of traffic if its headlines and posts mention Lindsay Lohan or some other young actor/singer. Just be sure to use full names and include common search words such as crime, arrested, boyfriend, pregnant, hair, etc.

Watch this: Baby, allow me a pregnant pause to say that Justin Bieber has good grammar and nice hair. Mr. Rewrite just got 10 trillion hits. This is so awesome!

With Miss Lohan leaving the pokey, here's a spelling-related post with a legitimate reason for using her name: Media organizations and would-be media organizations botch Miss Lohan's first name as Lindsey in hundreds of articles indexed by Google News.

Most of mistakes occur in the would-be category – bloggy, gossipy sites. One's an Associated Content piece. Hey, didn't Yahoo buy AC for tens of millions of dollars? Here's a botched reference on a Forbes blog. A lot of mistakes seem to be references to Miss Lohan in sports articles and blog posts on other subjects. Mr. Rewrite figures that makes writers less careful about checking the spelling, or maybe those writers were less careful to begin with.

This funny – sort of – E! Online post notes that the misspelled Lindsey Lohan was one of Twitter's top trending topics (say that 10 times fast) recently. Let's see how Twitter tweeters are doing today. Yikes!

Anyway, let's give Miss Lohan a break, at least when it comes to spelling her first name. There's no excuse for misspelling it. All one has to do is check references in legitimate news organizations' articles and on trusted Web sites. In a pinch, one can always check the booking slips.

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