Feeling blue over a repeated proper noun error

Do you think Mr. Rewrite would capture national attention and perhaps launch a career in reality TV if he stormed out of the news bureau, grabbed his eco-friendly water bottle on the way out, rappelled down the side of the journalism building and leaped onto a passing light-rail train? There has to be some stunt he can pull to glom on to this runaway flight attendant phenomenon.

Now that the Steven Slater saga has gone viral, becoming fodder for columns, news blogs and gossipy items, Mr. Rewrite is becoming fascinated with and frustrated by the many, many erroneous references to Slater's employer. It's JetBlue, not Jet Blue.

For the record, it's JetBlue Airways Corp., JetBlue Airways or JetBlue depending on the context. Whichever way one goes, the Jet and Blue are together. While one can get this from the JetBlue website, the AP Stylebook was kind enough to include an entry confirming the format.

Despite the resources available to news organizations and would-be news organizations (there was no Internet when Mr. Rewrite was earning his stripes; he walked to work in the snow and used Who's Who for names, Jane's for aircraft, blah, blah), there's a good deal of carnage on Google News. Mr. Rewrite finds several hundred references to Jet Blue.

And Mr. Rewrite thought dealing with US Airways (AP style) was difficult ...

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