Wire service 'trys' to write a headline

Mr. Rewrite has the utmost respect for The Associated Press. And in the interest of full disclosure, he should note that he's counting on a modest pension from the venerable wire service. But he cried into this Cheerios upon seeing the above on BusinessWeek.com and on his iPod Touch via AP's Mobile News Network.

Mr. Rewrite knows AP is trying hard, but it needs to pay better attention to its headlines, which stream live onto many sites, including its Mobile News Network. It's particularly maddening given the subject of this article: a newspaper fighting for survival.

For the record, one "tries" to spell headlines correctly. Grammarians -- and Mr. Rewrite isn't one by a longshot -- say "tries" is the third-person present-tense indicative form of "try."

Quite a few others in the MSM should try reading this post. There are hundreds of botched references to "trys" on Google News. The exception seems to be rugby, in which the plural of try is "trys" in the articles Mr. Rewrite reviewed.


Anonymous said...

The A.P. (or AP, or A.P or AP.) needs to get its headline style on states in headlines. They're never the same, and drive to madness this fellow puller on the pension plan oars.

Anonymous said...

The A.P. (or AP, or A.P, or AP.) needs to get its style straight on abbreviating states in headlines. The service's weather vane approach drives a little crazy this fellow would-be oar puller on the AP pension rowboat.

Anonymous said...

But he cried into THIS Cheerios...

mr. rewrite would never make a mistake like this.