Oh c'mon, c'mon -- EMANUEL

The Obama administration is shaping up to be a fun one for Mr. Rewrite. As longtime visitors know, Mr. Rewrite takes no political stands. He just loves identifying widespread media misspellings.

Enter Rahm Emanuel. Or, as many in the media call him, Rahm Emmanuel. Or Rahm Emanual. Or Rham Emmanuel. Or Rham Emanuel. Or Rahm Emmanual.  Or Rham Emanual

As of Tuesday night, the media, as defined by Google News, were botching his Emanuel's name in nearly 500 articles.

Still, Emanuel is no Barack Obama, who as of Tuesday night was misspelled as Barak in a breathtaking 7,000-plus articles, more than doubling the highest number of media misspellings Mr. Rewrite has ever tracked. 

Here's a tip for those paid to know better: Look it up. Like other public figures, Rahm Emanuel has an official Web site. It's reasonable to assume it'll have the name spelled correctly.

Mr. Rewrite can't wait to see Obama's cabinet picks. May he suggest bringing over longtime misspellings champion Condoleezza (not Condoleeza) Rice? Her last push for Middle East peace has her misspellings way up of late.


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Anonymous said...

our executive editor's memo earlier this week referred to barack o'bama.

it wasn't the first time.