No they can't -- spell Barack, that is

The world is embracing the president-elect, and that's good news for Mr. Rewrite. He just loves heaping shame on the media for inattention to proper nouns.

Thirty-six hours after Barack Obama clinched, more than 5,000 articles on Google News misspelled his first name as Barak. That obliterates the record set during the right to live/die battle over Terri (not Teri of Terry) Schiavo, who years later still draws more than 100 misspellings on Google News by organizations as exalted as The New York Times and The Associated Press.

The Barack/Barak confusion is overwhelmingly overseas. Perhaps it is fed by -- yikes -- Voice of America, which has issued seven articles of late misspelling the president-elect's first name. You can review the U.S. media's errors by following this link.

With the economy still circling the bottom of the metaphorical toilet, Warren Buffett (not Buffet) remains strong, with 2,500 media misspellings. That would be an amazing number any other time, but he's just no Barack. Sarah (not Sara) Palin and Hillary (not Hilary) Clinton still draw loads of misspellings, but they are nowhere near Obama's lofty heights.

Mr. Rewrite runs on freeze-dried Maxwell House, cheese-and-peanut butter crackers and schadenfreude. The next four years promise to be the best ever for his Most Misspelled list.

Enjoy a YouTube video Mr. Rewrite prepared on Oscar night.

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