Welcome to the race, Sarah (not Sara) Palin!

Mr. Rewrite has ended his long period of mourning over Hillary Clinton's slide down the Most Misspelled Names in the News rankings.

The cure: Sarah Palin.

The media, at least the media as defined by Google News, are managing Palin's first name about as well as a lactose intolerant handles a Peanut Buster Parfait at the DQ. Hundreds of articles -- 608 as of Friday afternoon -- misspell her first name as Sara.

Clinton remains a force, with 396 articles misspelling her troublesome first name as Hilary.

But that's chump change compared to misspellings magnet Barack Obama. More than 2,500 articles misspelled his first name as Barak as of Friday PM.

And that isn't even the top. Thanks to the implosion of the U.S. financial system, billionaire investor Warren Buffett tops the Most Misspelled list by a virtual mile. As of Friday PM, more than 3,000 articles indexed by Google News misspelled his last name as Buffet.

If these are lousy times for Mr. Rewrite's 401k and retirement plans -- not to mention plans for Rewrite Jr.'s college education and perhaps even eating -- these are salad days for the Most Misspelled list. Mr. Rewrite hasn't seen such lofty misspelling numbers since the right-to-die/live debate over Terri (not Terry) Schiavo.

Even former Most Misspelled powerhouse Condoleezza Rice is on fire once again. As of Friday PM, her name was misspelled 881 times as Condoleeza.

Other misspellings highlights as of Friday PM:
  • Nicolas (not Nicholas) Sarkozy: 462 misspellings
  • Rudy Giuliani (not Guiliani): 189 misspellings
  • Ben Bernanke (not Bernake): 111 misspellings
  • LaDainian (not LaDanian) Tomlinson: 108 misspellings
  • Jimmy Buffett (not Buffet): 102 misspellings

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