Mr. Rewrite never tows the line

Sorry, gang. Mr. Rewrite pretty much forgot about the blog for a couple of weeks, mostly thanks to a misguided decision to judge a newspaper contest that was -- and still is -- much larger than he'd imagined. Great journalism, but his eyes and brain have glazed.

Anyway, he'll ease back into blogging (he'll get to you, TF in TX and RW) by noting his amusement at seeing an article referring to someone towing the party line.

You toe the line, of course. The Summer Olympics will help you remember this one. If you toe the line, you make like one of those track athletes who keeps his or her toes inside the start line until the gun sounds. That's what this idiom means -- adhering strictly to the rules.

Enjoy these errors by those paid to know better. Mr. Rewrite must return to General News and Departmental Coverage, Division Six. Sigh.

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