A blog should appeal to one's soul, mate

Memo to Mrs. Rewrite: You'll never be Mr. Rewrite's soulmate.

P.S. for Mrs. Rewrite: Please read the rest of this post before burning Mr. Rewrite's underwear.

Mr. Rewrite decided to do some research after seeing USMagazine.com's
ALEX RODRIGUEZ/MADONNA EXCLUSIVE, which quoted the slugger second-hand as saying, "She's my (expletive) soulmate, dude."

Mr. Rewrite always advises against expletives, and he's no fan of "dude," dude. But the biggest sin in that quote -- and it isn't A-Rod's fault -- involves how to address the person who complements your temperament, attitudes and-or beliefs.

The correct format, according to Mr. Rewrite's reference books, is soul mate. Both the very forgiving Dictionary.com and the not-as-forgiving Merriam-Webster OnLine go with soul mate as two words.

That's good enough for Mr. Rewrite. He's off to share the news with his soul mate, Mrs. Rewrite.

Now back to burning the underwear. That isn't necessarily a bad idea ...


TF in TX points Mr. Rewrite to dozens of articles, as indexed by Google News, saying firey when the writer means fiery. Fiery is used quite a bit -- 10,000-plus references on Google News -- so it could be an oft-repeated typo. But Mr. Rewrite suspects there's some spelling confusion behind this. Thanks, TF.

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