Suffice it to say Mr. Rewrite needs a long rest

That confusing video in Mr. Rewrite's previous post provides a window into his past few weeks. He helped 36 high school teachers learn about the world of journalism, and that video was an attempt to show that anyone can get moving pictures online.

Anyway, suffice it to say that Mr. Rewrite needs a rest. But it's tough to take it easy when he keeps reading articles saying suffice to say.

He choked over this post on SportingNews.com:
Out of all of baseball's ace pitchers, Justin Verlander may have been the most disappointing through the season's first three months. Really, four wins in 17 starts when he's had no fewer than 17 victories the past two seasons? Suffice to say, it will be next to impossible for Verlander to reach that Ws total this year.

Bryan A. Garner (cue angelic chorus), Dictionary.com and every other reference Mr. Rewrite can find say suffice it to say is the subjunctive form of it suffices to say. The "it" is a necessary component.

Those paid to know better have a terrible time with this. Google News has almost as many incorrect references to suffice to say as to suffice it to say.

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