Please put asunder 'join together'

Here's one that made Mr. Rewrite cringe:
The move toward private fire crews is in some ways a throwback to earlier era, when homeowners in colonial times joined together to form "fire clubs" that protected members' homes. (The Associated Press)
As lyrical as it sounds, and as many times as it comes up at weddings ("... what therefore God hath/has joined together ..." Mark 10:9),  joined together is redundant. Just say "joined."

A quick look at Dictionary.com explains the redundancy. Among other things, join means to connect or put together.

Mr. Rewrite probably lacks the influence to get that phrase changed in the Bible. But those paid to know better should, well, know better. That's why it's frustrating to see hundreds of articles indexed by Google News saying join together, joined together, joining together and joins together.

Let's join to share these lists of redundancies:

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