Oh what a tangled web ...

An article says Mr. Rewrite's hometown has set up a website to help homeowners facing foreclosure.

This is a tangled subject, but perhaps it would help for Mr. Rewrite to wade in on web vs. Web.

First, the easy call: That online realm where Mr. Rewrite spends too much time is the World Wide Web or Web, capital W with both. All of Mr. Rewrite's usage guides say this. While you're at it, capitalize Internet too.

It gets a bit sticky beyond that. The Associated Press Stylebook calls for Web site and Web page, capital W, two words. The New York Times' style guide does too. AP also goes with webcam, webcast and webmaster, making Mr. Rewrite wonder how long it will stick with Web site and Web page.

But Bryan A. Garner (cue angelic chorus), goes with website and webpage. He calls the use of Web page "a clunker."

As much as it pains him to differ with Mr. Garner, Mr. Rewrite recommends following AP and using Web site and Web page, even if you aren't a journalist. If you are a journalist, you most likely are bound by AP style. That makes it more than a little perplexing to see so many references on Google News to website and webpage.

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