Mr. Rewrite will never be the premiere usage blog

Mr. Rewrite was none too pleased when Rewrite Jr. pointed to this sign at the mall. And while the content is better suited to a gentleman's "club" than a storefront next to KB Toys, it's the glaring usage error that had Mr. Rewrite's blood boiling.

Keep this in mind when dealing with premiere vs. premier: You attend a movie premiere to see work by Hollywood's premier talent.

As Paul Brians (cue angelic chorus) notes here, premier applies when you need an adjective meaning first in rank, which is the case with the sign above, or first in time. Premier as a noun applies to the head of the cabinet or prime minister in certain countries.

Premiere as a noun or verb almost always applies to firsts in the entertainment industry, such as the opening night of a play. Premiere is never an adjective.

If Mr. Rewrite continues offering posts featuring panties (wait until the Google ads start keying on that word), perhaps he'll become the nation's premier usage blogger and PBS will premiere a documentary about him.

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