Here's a capital idea from Mr. Rewrite

Sorry to go away for so long. Learning Flash and Final Cut Express at Mr. Rewrite's advanced age has proven extremely taxing, and feeding content to his infernal spin-off blogs is more work than he'd expected.

Anyway, today's post is an excuse to create another animated GIF. Here's the lesson: The Arizona State Capitol is located in the state capital of Phoenix.

Capitol applies to the building where a state legislature or Congress meets.

Capital applies to a state's capital city or the nation's capital, Washington, D.C. It also applies to wealth, specifically wealth used to create more wealth, and is an adjective meaning financial capital or premier (e.g. a capital idea).

Mr. Rewrite is certain there are plenty of media mistakes to illustrate this -- he sees them often -- but he's tired from this crash software lesson and eager to watch tonight's premiere of "Mad Men."

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