It's never too hot to check the atlas

Brian Williams' Pre-Broadcast Checklist:

1. Style hair.
2. Practice patented smirk.
3. Repeat steps 1-2.
4. Say "She sells sea shells by the sea shore" 50 times.
5. Check atlas.

NBC's anchor is covered on Nos. 1-4. After receiving a heads-up from Rewrite Sr., Mr. Rewrite suggests step No. 5.

Rewrite Sr. guffawed when Williams, reporting on extreme heat in the Northeast, offered Flagstaff, Ariz., as an example of a place that's regularly hotter than 100 degrees. Anyone remotely familiar with Arizona geography knows that Flagstaff, in the pines at 7,000 feet, is the one place in this state offering relatively mild temperatures in June.

The high in Flagstaff on the day of Williams' broadcast was 80, by the way. Early risers sweltered in 33-degree (that's Fahrenheit) heat.

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