It's enough to sour Mr. Rewrite's 'mouthfeel'

Remember when Starbucks outlets closed for 3.5 hours of training, costing the nation billions in productivity from caffeine-withdrawal headaches? Apparently the lessons didn't include basic grammar.

Mr. Rewrite always aims for full-bodied, velvety-smooth posts that are the metaphorical equivalent of the roasty sweet (roasty sweet???) coffee pitched on this sign. But this error leaves him with a bad mouthfeel (please refer to the sign before complaining). So please excuse his bitterness.

Let's say it together, folks: Its is possessive (Starbucks should screen its baristas for spelling ability), and it's is a contraction of it and is (It's distressing to see this mistake at Starbucks).

Proper grammar shouldn't be a tall order at Starbucks, but Mr. Rewrite walked away from this one with a grande headache (and a venti caffe mocha -- skinny, with whipped cream).

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