Mr. Rewrite looks out for all taxpayers

This glitch from a news Web site has been on Mr. Rewrite's desktop for a few months now. It's another example of what can go wrong when writers don't pay enough attention to apostrophes. Unless only one taxpayer is funding Rep. Jeff Flake's trips, the blurb should say "taxpayers' dime."

The headline and text are original. The primitive graphic is Mr. Rewrite's.

Mr. Rewrite had a moment's hesitation on this one. It could be that the writer meant taxpayer as sort of a composite representing all taxpayers as one. But Mr. Rewrite doesn't often give writers the benefit of the doubt, and in this case Mrs. Rewrite says he should hang this one out to dry.

Here are a few dozen articles referring to the taxpayer's dime


Tom in Texas, having rebranded himself as TF in TX, shares this example of a reader fighting back when a news Web site confuses flounder and founder. It's the fourth comment.

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