Mr. Rewrite loved this reality show on principle

Mr. Rewrite bids a fond farewell to "The Paper," MTV's reality series featuring the drama of putting out one high school's award-winning newspaper. It was fun to see a bunch of hyper-motivated and hyper-talented teens love journalism so much -- when they aren't being hyper-competitive with each other. All of the episodes are available online.

But the series, through no fault of the teens featured, ends as it began for Mr. Rewrite: with a little frustration at seeing principal mishandled in a very prominent way (here's the first principal mistake). One of the chapter headings in the online version of Episode Eight says the assistant principle demanded that an article be cut.

Here's a repeat of Mr. Rewrite's advice from last time:

The head of a school is a principal, and principal also applies to things that are first in rank (e.g. "The principal reason Mr. Rewrite watched "The Paper" is he knows the teacher who's featured."). Principal can be a noun or adjective.

A principle, among other things, is a rule of conduct or a fundamental tenet. Principle is used only as a noun, though principled is an adjective.

Again, the kids on "The Paper" never would make this mistake. Here's the promo for the show. Mr. Rewrite recommends it highly.

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