Did AP's copy editors get Mother's Day off?

President calls Jenna's wedding 'spectacular'

WACO, Texas (AP) — President Bush spent months joking about being a father of the bride, but on Sunday he was downright wistful about giving his daughter Jenna away to her longtime bow.

Unless Jenna Bush has entered into a most unholy union, she married her longtime beau. Yeesh.


Here's someone who should take a bow -- as in acknowledging Mr. Rewrite's gratitude. Tom In Texas offers this update on the beau/bow post and can't resist a dig at W ...

A Google on the reporter turned up an interesting fact:


She has a reputation for writing well "under the gun" when it comes to White house reporting. Cupid doesn't make many appearances there. When he did, Ms. Riechmann quite naturally focused on the weaponry. It's a habit that comes from working too long around the White House.

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