And now a word from our floundering founder

Rewrite Sr. was none too pleased to see this in his paper:

The ruling coalition that came to power after February elections - dealing a crushing defeat to allies of President Pervez Musharraf - could now flounder.

This is another slip by The Associated Press (see Sunday's post on Jenna Bush marrying her longtime bow), but it's a mistake that many, many others make. Here's AP's article. The correct word in this context, if the point is that Pakistan's ruling coalition could come apart or fail, is founder.

When not referring to that goofy-looking but ever-so-delicious fish, flounder can mean to thrash about clumsily. It's possible that AP's article means that, but Mr. Rewrite seriously doubts it.

Here's more on founder/flounder. Mr. Rewrite is heading to Long John Silver's.

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