This is giving Mr. Rewrite a headache situation

An article says a government took an unusual action in response to an "emergency situation." Mr. Rewrite is left to wonder how an emergency situation differs from an emergency.

Another article says citizens can register with the Red Cross so loved ones can inquire about their welfare during a "disaster situation." Is this different, perhaps more serious, than a disaster?

Mr. Rewrite finds many, many articles on Google News that make reference to emergency situations and disaster situations. Those paid to know better also seem to report on a lot of crisis situations as well.

Folks, these constructions are the vilest forms of bureaucratic blather because they combine jargon with redundancy. A tornado, flood, dirty bomb, subprime mortage crisis, etc., is an emergency, a disaster or a crisis. Period. "Situation" adds nothing to any of these words but puffery that's best left to soulless talking heads with government paychecks.

Please stop doing this or Mr. Rewrite will get a headache situation.

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