Mr. Rewrite will have your back on Mother's Day

Mr. Rewrite usually doesn't let holidays sneak up on him, but he was caught flat-footed when he noticed the calendar at April 1. Maybe he's losing his edge. Maybe it's this kryptonite-like virus he and Rewrite Jr. have been passing back and forth for months now. But none of this is your problem, gentle reader. Mr. Rewrite will attempt to redeem himself by breaking some news ...

Most of those paid to know better aren't following the rules when they identify this day of fools. The Associated Press Stylebook calls for April Fools' Day. As noted above, nearly twice as many articles indexed by Google News go with April Fool's Day.

Why does AP go with April Fools' Day? Mr. Rewrite doesn't particularly care. He pays AP $10.75 per edition (plus $25 a year for an online subscription) to make these decisions so he doesn't have to. He recommends that you do too.

Mr. Rewrite concedes that quite a few offending articles are blogs and that some -- though not many -- media organizations might follow their own style on this. But everyone else, and that's most everyone, should go with April Fools' Day because AP says so. That's because everyone else is bound by AP style.

For what it's worth, Mr. Rewrite's American Heritage College Dictionary also goes with April Fools' Day as well.

Sorry for not posting on this sooner. Mr. Rewrite intends to return to form by Mother's Day.

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