Don't add an additional headache for Mr. Rewrite

Mr. Rewrite is using the end-of-semester rush as his excuse for being so distant over the past few weeks. But this headline forced him to re-engage:

Out of combinations, state adds additional number

This qualifies as Another Redundancy Again (TM). Folks, if you're adding something you don't need to further clarify that the something added is additional or in addition to. It's like when Mr. Rewrite gets so worked up over headlines saying a starlet from Gossip Girl or some other program he's never hear of has given birth to a baby boy or girl. Readers can assume the product of birthing is a baby, a point apparently lost on the person who birthed this headline:

Mr. Rewrite thought he might just be cranky because of wrapping up semester-end projects, grades and the prospect of Mrs. Rewrite's loooong list of summer projects. But then he made the mistake of checking Google News to see how many articles by those paid to know better fall into the adding an additional trap. He also checked for adding an extra. The answer: way too many. Sigh.

add an additional
adds an additional
added an additional
adding an additional
add additional
adds additional
added additional
adding additional
add an extra
adds an extra
added an extra
adding an extra
add extra
adds extra
added extra
adding extra

Mr. Rewrite doesn't need an additional headache added the many worries facing him at present. Let's clean it up.

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