Buffett: World's richest AND most misspelled

It's 3 a.m., and reporters for your favorite newspaper or Web site are trading war stories at sleazy bars. Well, these days it's more likely they're breaking sweats at 24-Hour Fitness. But anyway, at this hour, which blogger do you want making sure the news media are spelling newsmakers' names correctly?

The answer: Mr. Rewrite, of course.

Regular visitors, all three of them (up from two last week!), will notice that Mr. Rewrite's ranking of the Most Misspelled Names in the News (TM) is no longer a weekly battle between Barack (not Barak) Obama and Hillary (not Hilary) Clinton. Billionaire investor Warren Buffett (not Buffet) now has a solid lead over both of them.

As of Monday afternoon, 664 articles indexed by Google News misspelled Buffett's name. His jump into first place isn't surprising, as Buffett recently knocked off Bill Gates as the richest person in the world.

Mr. Rewrite is pleased to welcome back Courteney (not Courtney) Cox, a longtime friend -- get it? -- of the Most Misspelled list. She's getting some buzz as her TV show "Dirt" begins its second season. What's especially interesting about Cox's name is it's misspelled almost as many times as it's spelled correctly in articles indexed by Google News.

Nicolas (not Nicholas) Cage rejoins the list. Mr. Rewrite thinks that's because he's mentioned as an ex-husband of Lisa Marie Presley, who is preggers.

With news reports linking him to a prostitution ring, expect Eliot (not Elliot or Elliott) Spitzer to zoom up the list. Even seasoned professionals have trouble with Eliot/Elliot/Elliott.

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