Elliott, Elliot, Eliot: A case study in misspellings

Here are links to today's New York Daily News and New York Post front pages as Mr. Rewrite introduces what should be a short-lived feature: the Eliot Spitzer Misspellings Meter (TM).

The New York governor's fall from grace shows how someone makes it to the top of Mr. Rewrite's list of the Most Misspelled Names in the News (TM). Take a news story "with legs," as those paid to know better say, add a difficult first or last name and let the coverage play out. After a few days, even columnists and reporters even at smaller news outlets are writing about the person.

As of Tuesday morning, 235 articles indexed by Google News misspelled Spitzer's name Elliot or Elliott, more than double Monday's total. Within a week, Spitzer could knock Warren Buffett from the top of the list.

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