Galling errors abound as Mr. Rewrite reads his mail

Mr. Rewrite wishes he could make it to Beijing for the Olympics. It's certain to be filled with signs botching English words, as illustrated above by The Globe and Mail of Toronto. The government announced a program last year to clean up English errors on signs, menus, etc. Hot crap (see hot carp) or pee soup (see pea soup), anyone?

Here's everything else piling up in Mr. Rewrite's virtual mailbox:

HOT OFF THE PRESS: The Daily Dispatch in Douglas, Ariz., explains how to tell chili from chile when writing about peppers.

A GALLING ERROR: There's a difference between Gaels and the Gauls, especially if you're on the other side of the pond. A botched British Museum memo, blamed on a spelling error, has some Gaels in a tizzy, according to this account.

URGENT NEWS BULLETIN: Many billboards and other signs in Rajshahi, Bangladesh, contain spelling errors in the Bangla language, a news outlet there reports. This is according to a survey conducted by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) and Sacheton Nagorik Committee (SNC), with assistance from Youth Engagement and Support (YES). Mr. Rewrite applauds such attention to proper spelling. He hopes these groups will review the spelling of this special note to Mrs. Rewrite: Ami tomakay bala basi.

TMI: Mr. Rewrite values transparency, but he's a little worried that one of the countless articles offering tips on resumes and cover letters goes beyond spelling and grammar to suggest not sharing financial problems with a prospective employer. "OBJECTIVE: I am seeking a permanent position to get out of debt," the example reads. Yikes.

UNFORTUNATE TYPO OF THE WEEK: Sweeney TOAD in a British paper.

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