Eliot Spitzer Watch: Day Three

Here's Mr. Rewrite's latest attempt to make The "Blog" of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks. Let's all keep our fingers crossed. He's 0-for-4 so far. Hey, if anyone else is having trouble getting their photos run on that blog, Mr. Rewrite will run them. You'll reach one millionth as many people, but it's publication nonetheless.


As predicted, the Eliot Spitzer Misspellings Meter (TM) continues to climb as media worldwide chime in on his fall. As of Wednesday morning, when Spitzer was resigning, 430 articles indexed by Google News misspelled his name Elliot or Elliott. Warren Buffett (not Buffet) was at 687 misspellings, so Spitzer stands a good chance of taking over as the Most Misspelled Name in the News (TM) before this is over.

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Thomas Fowler said...

Texas senator Kay Bailey Hutchison is one to watch. Last time I checked there were 90 misspellings (Hutchinson) indexed on Google News. Her name (or some version of it) keeps coming up as a possible Republican VP nominee. Sen. McCain is still paring down his list so her coverage should be increasing.

A limiting factor is that she is, at this writing, scandal-free--well, except for that border fence thing. She has managed to get in trouble with voters on both sides of that issue. Some fences just shouldn't be straddled.