Please, please don't 'go to the polls'

Heading into Super Tuesday, Mr. Rewrite had hoped for some clarity in his list of the Most Misspelled Names in the News. Alas, Clinton-Obama remains too close to call.

As of late Monday evening, Clinton's first name was misspelled 558 times (Hilary, Hilary Rodham Clinton) in articles indexed by Google News. Obama's was misspelled 557 times as Barak.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy remains strong (Nicholas, 415 misspellings) after marrying his supermodel girlfriend.

The biggest mover on the list is Robert De Niro (DeNiro, 228 misspellings), who is campaigning for Obama.

Natalee Holloway doesn't make this week's list, but the unusual of her first name is worth keeping in mind as the media cover the latest developments in her disappearance. Here are a few dozen articles spelling it as Natalie as of Tuesday AM.


A rhetorical question from Mr. Rewrite: Isn't there better way to lead an election story than saying go to the polls, going to the polls, went to the polls, headed to the polls, head to the polls, heading to the polls? The Google News searches linked in the previous sentence take you to THOUSANDS of stories using this tired construction. Someone please show some creativity.

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